Grosso Group Management

JOSEPH GROSSO - Director, Chairman and President

Joseph Grosso was born to Cristina Baccaro Grosso and Vincenzo Grosso on March 21, 1938 in the Mezzogiorno area of Italy, south of Tuscany in the village of Campitello, in the municipality of San Massimo, province of Campobasso, region of Molise, a little over an hour drive from Rome. Eventually, the Grosso family moved to Rome, living four blocks from Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The Grosso family were clothing manufacturers since 1782 in Italy and eventually Grandfather Joseph Grosso expanded the family business to Newark, New Jersey in 1912.

Joseph trained in the family business obtaining his Tailoring and Clothing Design Diploma in 1955 achieving the highest grades (29 out of 30) from his graduating class. Joseph was ambitious and had big dreams of also expanding the family business, and immigrated to Canada on March 13, 1959 settling in Victoria, British Columbia establishing a clothing manufacturing business selling to retail markets in North America.

On June 8, 1961, Joseph met his bride to be Evelina and they married in August of 1962 beginning a long wonderful partnership of 56 years. Together they started the Grosso clothing business in Victoria, British Columbia. Later, expanding to Vancouver with 240 employees and expanding internationally with 900 employees operating in Canada, Hong Kong, Korea and Romania until 1985 when Mr. Grosso sold the entire business.

In 1993, hearing of Argentina opening up to foreign investment and the state privatization of government assets, Joseph together with his wife, Evelina, went to Argentina to visit family living there. While in Argentina, Joseph met a prominent geology professor who spoke to him about the geologic potential of Argentina. Being an entrepreneur who had garnered international business experience and built a large network of international investment contacts, Joseph quickly recognized a life changing opportunity and became a pioneer re-opening mining activity in Argentina 25 years ago by starting the Grosso Group. Joseph quickly became active in mining exploration assembling an impressive portfolio of projects in Argentina, Peru and Colombia and achieved four world-class mine discoveries - a rarity for junior exploration companies.

Joseph and the Grosso Group continue to be prominent, successful and respected in the junior mining sector in Canada, the United States and South America. Joseph is the recipient of many awards and honours for all of his achievements in the mining industry.

1966-1968Social Director, Catholic Youth Organization of Greater Victoria, British Columbia

Formed the Oak Bay Sports Club and Club House to promote rugby, field soccer, cycling and grass hockey and Club House to host travelling teams from Australia, New Zealand, England and Italy
1973-1982Program Chairman, Vancouver Vocational Institute, British Columbia heading new immigrant education programs to improve employment opportunities
1973-1982Director, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver, British Columbia, providing mentoring, fellowship, leadership and business training to promote economic and the social welfare of community members
1973-1985Operated a Design/Clothing Manufacturing business/factory in Vancouver with satellite factories in Hong Kong, Korea and Romania with over 900 employees and over 1,500 retailers in Canada and the United States
1975-1982Founding President, Italian/Canadian Sport Federation in Vancouver, British Columbia and created the Italian Sport Soccer Tournament which has united multi-Italian provincial relationships for in excess of 39 years

Major donor to help build the Italian Centre in Vancouver
1976 to 1982Director, Christian Jewish Association, Pacific Region, representing Catholicism and promoting tolerance and understanding of among diverse religions
1978-1988Member of International Lions Club, Vancouver, British Columbia, a club dedicated to promoting responsible citizenship and community welfare:
  • Lion Member of the Year for three consecutive years, nominated out of 1,600 members in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, USA for creating “Timmy’s Telethon” which raised more than $100 million dollars towards helping children with medical problems and disabilities
  • Created the Swimathon for the physically challenged to raise funds and awareness of the many needs and challenges faced by the disabled with the participation of Rick Hansen of the Wheels in Motion Foundation and coordinated thousands of volunteers needed to assist and ensure the safety of participants
1988 to PresentBig Brother's Organization, Vancouver, British Columbia, participated in fundraising to ensure that the organization's youth mentoring programs continue to help young boys
1993 to PresentFormed the Grosso Group and entered the mining business, becoming a mining pioneer in Argentina when the country re-opened mining after 75 years of inactivity. The Grosso Group and its member companies continue after more than 25 years to be active and successful with four major world-class discoveries and fundraising through the venture capital markets in excess of $150M

The Grosso Group has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy of transparency and respect for foreign communities where its projects are located. The Grosso Group promotes sustainable economic community development in remote impoverished areas through education, medical, housing, road building, employment and skill training) in Argentina, Peru and Columbia always respecting the welfare of local stakeholders and the environment
2005Named Mining Man of the Year in Argentina
2006Established a scholarship fund at the University of Toronto to support students entering the field of geology and mine engineering
2013Grosso Group receives an award from the Mining Industry of Argentina for 23 years of consecutive activity in Argentina
2015The Grosso Group's flagship company Golden Arrow Resources Corporation was named Mining Company of the Year for its exploration success of three world-class discoveries
2018The Grosso Group member company, Blue Sky Uranium Corp. discovers the largest uranium deposit in 40 years in Argentina
2018The Grosso Group's flagship company Golden Arrow Resources Corporation puts its Chinchillas Silver discovery into production
  • Vancouver Symphony and its music programs
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank (that provides food to the needy)
  • St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver B.C. (offering specialized treatment HIV, drug and alcohol addiction)
  • Children's Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.

NIKOLAOS CACOS, MIM - Director, Corporate Secretary and Vice President Business Development

Mr. Cacos brings over 25 years of management and advisory expertise in the mineral exploration industry. He has worked with Grosso Group since inception and serves as senior level executive for all the member companies. Mr. Cacos’ career includes administration and strategic planning for public companies. He currently serves as an officer and director of a number of TSX Venture Exchange listed companies. He holds a Master of International Management degree from Heidelberg, Germany and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

DARREN URQUHART, CPA, CA - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Urquhart is a chartered professional accountant with twenty years of experience working in public practice and industry. Mr. Urquhart operates his own public practice accounting firm offering chief financial officer and accounting services to TSX Venture Exchange listed companies in Vancouver. He has also served as director for some of his corporate clients. Mr. Urquhart began his career working as an audit accountant with Grant Thornton LLP, then later worked as a senior tax accountant with Lohn Caulder Chartered Accountants. Mr. Urquhart obtained his chartered accountant designation in 2001 and is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. In 1995, Mr. Urquhart graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.

BRIAN MCEWEN, PGeol. - Vice President Exploration

Mr. McEwen is a professional geologist with more than 30 years of exploration and production experience in open-pit and underground mining projects and operations. The extent of his experience is global in managing numerous projects in Canada, US, Europe, Asia, Africa and throughout Latin America. Mr. McEwen's previous roles include more than a decade with MRDI (AMEC Peru) where he was responsible for project management, economic resource and reserve calculations for various precious and base metal companies worldwide, including BHP Billiton, CM Antamina, Teck, Hochschild and Phelps Dodge among others.